#JoinTheConversation and let us know how your family uses the ESRB ratings, and other tools such as parental controls.

Each month, ten winners will receive a $25 GameStop card. Four Grand Prize winners will be awarded a family trip for four to any U.S. 2019 PAX Games Convention, VALUED AT $4,500!

Ten $25 GameStop Gift Cards awarded monthly!


There are many ways to share a family conversation about using the ESRB ratings. Get creative and submit your story today. It’s easy.


Think of a family conversation you’ve had about the video game ratings. Perhaps it was in the car, at the store, or while searching for a game online. You can also share a tip on what works best to manage the games your children play.


Be creative! Send us a video, photo, tip, or anecdote about your conversation. Be sure to include the rating tool(s) you used in your depiction.


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I’ve had several conversations with Cole about games that he wants to download, and I usually let him if the rating isn’t M. Even when it’s T we talk about the content and reason for the rating, how much blood and violence, how much nudity and sex, if any. He usually tells me there’s not any but when I show him that there is, he tries to tell me that he can keep the levels low in the options. But that isn’t usually an acceptable solution. For Grand Theft Auto I said no way. He said his friends all have it and that it’s just cars. I showed him in the age rating detail that it includes gambling, all kinds of violence, nudity, sex, drugs, and so on, and that was valuable information!

I think ratings are important since they let parents and kids know about the content present in the games they're buying. Overall, I believe ratings were a great addition to the entertainment industry.

My daughters were shopping for a last-minute birthday gift, and when they suggested a video game, I asked them to read the Rating Summary out loud. One too many 4-letter words, so we searched for a more age-appropriate video game instead. I think it had Legos.

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My tip is to always discuss whether the game is appropriate for their age level and have rules set in place, like not revealing their identity online before gaming. We love to check the ESRB rating together and mom and dad get some to try out the game too!

About the ESRB Ratings

ESRB age and content ratings are assigned to video games purchased in a store, downloaded directly to game consoles, downloaded for PC from stores such as the Microsoft Store and Steam, for games and apps in Google Play, and for virtual reality experiences such as those found in the Oculus store. These ratings, as well as other valuable tools and resources, help parents make informed decisions about which games are acceptable for their children and family.

About this Campaign

The ESRB and Penny Arcade have produced these public service announcements to inspire families to talk about the rating system. Share your conversations and insights on social media and let other parents know how you and your kids decide which games are ok to play.